• Curious George


    Everything becomes a lot more interesting as they take to their feet. Toddlers learn to walk and talk. They also begin to develop relationships with each other. As they want to learn and do everything, Greatstart will be there to guide them every step of the way.

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  • Young Explorer

    Nursery I

    Greatstart is there to guide little Miss and Mister Independent to enhance their language and socialization skills. This is achieved by incorporating children’s literature, music, movement activities, arts and crafts.

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  • The Age of Why

    Nursery II

    As their world opens up in new ways as they improve their coordination, learn complex games, and begin to interact more with others. They love to ask questions such as where things come from and how they work. Greatstart will be there to guide them in discovering the answers to their “complex” questions.

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  • Little Big Planet


    Prekindergarten is a critical time for children as they begin the adventure of a lifetime of learning. Everyday your child is learning and doing more, and are extremely inquisitive at this age. And that is why our Greatstart Pre-K program is designed to challenge more. They are given many opportunities to engage in the exciting process of learning through exploration and hands on activities.

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  • Foundations for a Great Start


    As their love for asking questions, how things work, and finding out about where things come from grow more, Greatstart is there to enhance and strenghthen these emerging curiosity. Our Kindergarten program came about due to the increasing need to provide a full-time learning environment as local public kindergarten started cutting funding and are only offering AM programs.

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  • Elementary, my dear Watson

    School Age

    We understand that families' need a safe, supervised environment well into the elementary school years. Your little grown-up continues to need that academic and social structure when they are not in school.

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  • Awesome Fun in the Sun


    Field trips, carnivals, special events, and club activities keeps children active through creative learning and awesome fun activities. Greatstart's Fun in the Sun Sumer Camp is the perfect combination of skill-building and summer fun.

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School Age

A Safe, Nurturing Second Home

We understand that families' need a safe, supervised environment well into the elementary school years. Your little grown-up continues to need that academic and social structure when they are not in their regular school.

Greatstart provides an interesting, fun and educational school age recreation program, supervised by our qualified teachers. Students enjoy a balance of homework review or assistance both before and after school, planned activities (group projects, arts and crafts, sports and games), time to unwind (indoor/outdoor play, reading, drawing) and social responsibilities (teachers' little assistants).

Before/After School Care

Our Before and After School Care provides structure and supervision that school age children need and the fun and flexibility they enjoy. Every morning features our Get Ready program, where the kids socialize with their same age and younger peers while having breakfast, and some quiet time to review the lessons of the day. Every afternoon features our innovative Great Afternoons program, where the kids experience organized sports and games, indoor/outdoor playground fun, and time to unwind with friends. Of course there is quiet time for homework. If available, parents enjoy the added convenience of transportation to and from most local elementary schools.

Drop-In Care

When elementary schools are closed for holidays, special events or teacher conferences, or when inclement weather and/or emergency school closings create scheduling problems for working parents, Greatstart provides a safe, supervised environment and a reliable child care solution for children to enjoy games, crafts, computers and other creative learning activites. Our parents know that Greatstart will be available when needed most.
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