A few kind words from some of the most important experts on the greatstart experience: our parents

Truly Blessed (South Plainfield)

"We are truly blessed to have Ms. Saida as our son's teacher as he is head-starting in education. We sincerely appreciate her loving care and attention to our son which we consider as of paramount importance and a stepping stone for developing his interest in learning."

Nurturing Support (South Plainfield)

"Ms Saida, thank you for being patient with our daughter Geetika. She seems to be reaching our goals, thanks to your nurturing support over the past 3 months since we moved from out of state. It has been a difficult time for little Geeti but you did not give up. We cannot thank you enough."

Honesty is the best policy (South Plainfield)

"I would like to thank Ms. Julie for being so loving to my kid and other kids too. Once my daughter lost her gold ear-stud and I left a message in their class and Ms. Julie found it and handed it to us safely in a ziploc. I sincerely appreciate her kind help."

Wonderful Character (South Plainfield)

"I would like to send my appreciate to Ms. Fatema for her wonderful character of taking care of children according to their needs, especially highlighting the child's activity to their parent. We are thankful to Ms. Fatema as she made us know more about our child. She is always smiling, caring and a very good teacher. Thank you too Ms. Janice! "

Amazing Job (South Plainfield)

"I just want to acknowledge the wonderful teachers there. My son started with the school at 2 1/2 years old and formed an immediate attachment to Ms. Amy. Right away it put my mind at ease knowing he was in good hands. He's 4 now already reading due to the amazing job Ms. Latifah and Ms. Vidya are doing. You've all been such a blessing."

Put to rest any doubts (South Plainfield)

"The school and Ms. Terry has put to rest any doubts I had when I enrolled my daughter. We met with Ms. Janice first on our tour and her efficiency convinced me to try it out. I am glad I did. Ms. Terry has made the whole process of my daughter getting comfortable very easy. She gives detailed accounts of my kid at school and even some cute little things that she does that I don't feel like I missed an entire day of my daughter growing up. Any little instruction is followed and she puts in that extra effort to make the kids loved. All the other teachers that I have come across are very friendly and caring. My daughter loves going to school and she is really happy and that makes all the difference for me. Thank you Ms. Terry, Ms. Janice and everyone for doing a wonderful job!".

Family friendly (Denville)

"I needed to move my son to another school immediately as I wasn't very happy where he was. They responded, answered questions, and made me feel at ease. It does feel like a very family friendly environment, and as the other parent review says, it does help knowing their other school has so much praises from their parents."

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